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03:25am 17/07/2012
  Do you ever think you might have made a mistake somewhere? So far it has been a flood of relentless dissatisfaction. !!!MOST!!! people suck! trying to live with them is something else. I NEED distraction.  
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10:47pm 05/08/2010
  I really do embrace change. the problem though is that change never seems to come to me. Im glad i've moved, i already feel a little more in touch with reality.

years ago i noticed that i was only at my best in times of chaos/disaster/change now i find even these situations dont awaken the potential i have been wasting for years. i am becoming worried that i might one day give up and settle for the ordinary existence that most others live.

i keep telling myself, once i finish school i will be able to ascend from this day to day routine of survival. victory seems so far away and i am getting tired.
Work continues   
07:48pm 04/03/2010
  I've been going out more often. I think its helping with my general state of mind. Going to have to find a new room mate or apartment soon. My current roommate is now having his wages garnished (mmmmm.... garnish) so he cant afford to stay there any more. Either way a change in environment usually gives me extra motivation a couple months, hopefully it will work out that way.

oh... and school sucks! The new version of black board is trying to kill my GPA!
The start of another semester   
06:23pm 10/01/2010
  Well, Christmas and New Years have passed, now starts a new semester. I have no idea if im going in the right direction with my course load. Marketing is just so bland and boring. The crazy part is that im thinking about switching to accounting. That will probably be much more exciting.

Also been coming to terms with the whole "all women are evil crazy beings that will rip out your soul then serve it to you for breakfast with a smile" thing. Im thinking that it might be time to exercise some trust and start dating again. solitude has it perks, but the winter always makes life seem a bit lonelier.

The only problem that comes with dating is that i would have to start going out again and meet new people. in my eyes a major change in lifestyle. But i guess thats what its all about. im starting to get older. im entering the point of my life where i cant afford to waste any more time. god knows i've already done enough of that.... Maybe i'll join a club or something.
Oh yeah.... LJ   
05:19pm 30/11/2009
  Wow, almost forgot this thing existed. Life's been getting both better and more busy at the same time. School is coming along well. im kinda supperised that ive been getting A's. Work is becoming increasingly troublesome. the holiday season is good for money but bad for money and sleep. I'm actually becoming pretty interested in my political science class. Its making me wonder if i should take on a duel major.  
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My day off   
07:47pm 17/02/2009
  Its so nice finally having a weekday off. gonna go grab some gyro and waste the day! Frisbee-golf anyone?  
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Inspired by TV   
08:56pm 06/11/2008
  Everything has started to slow down again. daily routines become weekly. falling into the tempo of predictability. I'm starting to discover that im only at my peak when the world around me is thrown into chaos. Somehow it is only when the people around me are stressed about "what to do" am I inspired to step up and do great things.
Being my most focused only when everyone around me is stress? its a great trait to have, but once everything is back under control i find myself so uninterested.

wheres the drama when you need it?
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Somewhere new   
04:56pm 29/09/2008
  I wonder if anyone still reads this. Although come to think of it, anyone who does is probably either pretty bored or lost.

Been watching some TV lately.

Heroes.... wow... maybe the writters strike wasnt the worst thing to happen to the show. Now i find myself laughing at how bad it is.

New season of Venture Bros. - the show just keeps on getting better. The monarch still reminds me of Matt.

What does James Brown, Clive Owen, Gary Oldman and Marylin Manson have in common? This.I think this is supposed to be a BMW commercial but its hard to tell.
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Things change fast   
06:06pm 25/09/2008
  Wow, well I've been busy the past few days. For some reason when I tell people that I had a meeting with an air force recruiter today they all have a shocked look on their face. Surprisingly the recruiter recommended that I pursue cryptologic linguistics from the results of my ASVAB... Still don't know what ASVAB stands for...

Might be getting a new room mate, that will be nice. It should nearly cut my bills in half.

4 more job interviews over the next 5 days... lets see who has the best offer.

for a good time call jenny 867-5309
08:12pm 18/09/2008
  the job hunt moves slowly. the doctor put me on some meds to help me sleep. somehow now i sleep even more. starting to feel detached from the world. kinda like everything is passing me by. dont really want to catch up.  
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Hey yall   
03:08pm 27/08/2008
  Hey everyone... its been a while. just making a shout out. I am back on the job hunt. if anyone knows of anything open drop me a line. - Will  
02:57pm 26/03/2008
  here i am trying to think of something to post as an excuxe of showing of my new pic... whuteva.  
It might be time to expand   
04:59pm 18/03/2008
  So recently the idea of moving has been coming up in conversation more and more. Theres talk of an ESL program in south korea that has incredible benefits. theres also north carolina (not quite as exotic, but probably more fun). Finally i think i have enough money saved up to move, but new orleans has always been home to me. Either way life is awesome, i have my health, and opportunities keep popping up all around me. looks like its time to shit or get off the pot.... mmmm... pot......  
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01:01pm 07/03/2008
  OK, so I think I have everything back under controll again. Only bad part is im still thinking about maxing out my credit cards and leaving the country. Hehe...  
another run at things   
01:33pm 03/03/2008
  So... its been a while. Its odd how much life changes and stays the same. I cant seem to escape habits i developed in high school. Still with every mistake we must surely be learning. I probably shouldnt bother talking to her anymore...  
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So a lil trip to the past   
07:19pm 22/07/2007
  Today i took a little trip to the past and cant seem to get back. i think ive been working too much lately. i started listening to bad religion and NOFX and couldnt stop. the lyrics are perfect for my current state of mind. its weird cause i didnt really like punk back in the day, now i feel as if its my anthem.  
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Pep Boys Sucks   
09:13pm 09/07/2007
  The subject says it all. Wills car is now dead thanks to Pep Boys. I brought it in to have it looked at for low pick up. The next day when they actually looked at it they told me the map sensor (whatever that is) needed to be changed. I said sure. A few hours later they told me that they couldn't fix it and i would have to bring it to the dealership, also that they wernt going to charge me for anything (my first clue that something was wrong). I went to pick up my car and it would not run for more than 15 seconds. Now I need to find some other place to fix my car cause i quickly realized that that i drive an oldsmobile and they no longer have dealerships. so in short, Pep Boys broke my car.  
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08:19pm 17/06/2007
  as to previous questions... its not so much about the pay, but i really enjoy my job. looks like im going to be traveling alot in the near future. my boss wants me to go to miami this week and atlanta next week to train new offices opening up. i hope i actually get my override in time to move into my new apartment. well, later all.  
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08:01pm 15/06/2007
  been working alot. im about to move into a new place. just got promoted again which means that i now get to work 75 hours a week... one benefit of my new promotion is that i can now schedule business trips.... maybe i'll go to miami next week...  
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12:29am 18/03/2007
  man... i feel old... been working alot, bout to buy a new car. i was thinking about a caddy or a lincoln. any suggestions?  
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